Is growing hemp a good investment?

This serves to demonstrate that the hemp industry will become a highly lucrative investment opportunity, with companies such as Altria Group, Inc. If you haven't heard of the booming hemp economy, you may have been living under a rock. Consumers of all types are increasing demand, so now is the time to consider investments in the production and processing of hemp into CBD oil. Many companies are taking note of the opportunity, including Kroger.

The company announced that it will sell topical CBD products in 945 locations in 17 states. The nation's largest grocery retailer joins a growing list of national retailers, including Walgreens, CVS, Vitamin Shoppe and GNC, which are starting to supply the shelves with the hemp product. Although it was legal to grow hemp since 1998, producers had to receive a special production permit from the Drug Enforcement Agency because of their relationship with marijuana. However, there are now fewer transport restrictions at the plant and less risk for the farmers and producers involved.

Just as marijuana caught the attention of the medical world, CBD is not far behind. This research-backed list of CBD oil benefits includes uses of CBD oil as a preventive medication, ranging from treating anxiety and stress to reducing the risk of diabetes and obesity. A recent CNN article reports that cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive ingredient in hemp and marijuana, could treat opioid addiction, says new study. Given to patients with heroin addiction, CBD reduced their craving for the illicit drug, as well as their anxiety levels.

The National Hemp Association reports that hemp has the strongest and longest vegetable fiber in the world, resistant to rot and abrasion. In today's society, hemp fiber can be found in bags, nets, tarpaulins and even carpets. In an attempt to be more environmentally conscious, Levi Strauss %26 Co. I just created a new clothing line that “feels the same as cotton, but is made in part with hemp.

Hemp requires much less water and soil to grow than other materials, and its total carbon footprint is about half that of cotton. The hemp used by Levi's comes from rain-fed crops that reduce water waste by approximately 30 percent. Many farmers say growing hemp is much more profitable than other plants in this new environment. Today, growers say a poor hemp crop is more valuable than a healthy tobacco crop due to the high demand for CBD.

Hemp oil is not only in demand for medicinal and recreational purposes, but it is also extremely useful in the manufacture of products such as cars, construction goods, textiles and even furniture. While clothing, rope, and other materials made from hemp have been used for a relatively long time, there are new methods of using hemp that could revolutionize several industries. Since hemp ancillary companies are “behind the scenes”, they are generally not as volatile as stocks directly involved in the hemp industry. While still in its formative stages, industrial hemp offers a “new cash crop for American farmers and a sustainable manufacturing input for a variety of industries,” said Whaling, who is also president of the National Hemp Association and former president of Canopy Growth Corp.

One of the reasons to invest in hemp farmers is that growing hemp is almost universal for all opportunities in the industry. Farm Bill legalized hemp for the first time since 1937, the hemp market has focused primarily on CBD, a non-psychoactive ingredient in the plant, as a potential nutritional and health product. Some of the first group of hemp farmers had little or no knowledge or experience in growing a plant such as cannabis (hemp) and were not sure where to start with regard to equipment, cultivation techniques, or even the best type of soil for cannabis to produce the healthiest possible hemp crop. One of the classic names in the hemp auxiliary space is Scotts Miracle-Gro, who now directly cares for hemp and marijuana growers through its Hawthorne Gardening division.

The great thing about growing hemp is that there are a lot of opportunities for which hemp can be used. Woods is also working with Whaling as chairman of the board of advisors for the RePlant Hemp Impact Fund. While Black Buffalo 3-D seems to have some heavily pocketed homeowners, the company's 3-D homes remain in the prototype stage, like much of the industrial hemp industry. Another way auxiliary hemp companies are less risky is that they are more diversified than hemp companies.

And it is this diverse range of products that hemp can create that is giving both investors and farmers hope that the hemp market is only going to grow. Starting at the source, hemp farmers are essential to all forms of the hemp industry, including textiles, food and cannabinoids such as CBD. . .